Looking to a professional resume writer is an investment in your career.

Your resume should not only reflect the jobs you've held throughout your career. It should also position you for the job you aspire to have — the next step up in your career. When a new job means new career possibilities, there's a lot at stake in your job search: opportunities for career growth, an expanded network, an increase in quality of life, and even a salary increase.

With all of this on the line, it's important that you maximize every aspect of your job application, especially your resume. And when there are professionals who can improve this essential document for you, why wouldn't you take advantage? Here are five reasons the investment of a professionally written resume is worth it.

1. Longevity

In the same way you'd spend more on a good coat or well-made pair of shoes to last you a lifetime, your resume will serve you for the rest of your career. A great foundation set by a professional resume writer will need only minor updates from time to time.

2. Humility

Bragging is hard — and it's harder for women especially — but a professional resume rewrite will be sure to make your most relevant and sparkling achievements shine through. If tooting your own horn is something you struggle with, having someone else do it on your behalf will be exponentially more effective.

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3. Preparation

Professional resume writers are trained to anticipate the questions recruiters and hiring managers will have throughout the application process; your writer will help you identify the answers when they work them into your final product. In this sense, you'll get more than a resume from your rewrite — you'll receive valuable coaching that will set you up for success in interviewing. When a professional writer shows you the best version of your career story on your resume, you'll have a better understanding of your strengths that will help you shine in the interview room.

4. Time

Whether you're currently employed or job searching full time, you need the time you do have now to invest in networking, applying, and preparing for interviews. When you work with TopResume, you only have to fill out a brief questionnaire and you'll have a finished resume in about a week's time. If you've been in the job search recently, you'll know one-week turnaround times for anything are pretty much unheard of. Plus, think of all you can accomplish when you can take this demanding task off your plate.

5. Expertise

We know that practice makes perfect. With any luck, you'll only have to update your resume a handful of times throughout the course of your life. If that's the case, how can you be great at something you've barely had any experience doing? On the flipside, a professional resume writer has written dozens, if not hundreds of resumes and can help you avoid all the common mistakes that come with trying to do it on your own.

A professional resume rewrite is an investment in your career. Learn more about TopResume's resume-writing services.

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