Every modern job seeker needs a plan for their personal brand.

Do you have a career goal you're trying to reach? If so, a strong personal brand is one of the best tools you can have in your job-search arsenal.

Basically, your personal brand is how the world views you — some people refer to it as your “professional reputation” or “image.” It's a combination of your strengths, technical skills, and the unique qualities you bring to your work that set you apart from other professionals.

Once established, your personal brand can be used to market your candidacy consistently across multiple channels: on paper (your resume), online (online presence and social media activities), and in person (interviews and networking events).

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But before you can reap the benefits of personal branding, you first need to plan your brand. Not sure what that means?

TopResume's Career Advice Expert Amanda Augustine is here to explain. In this webinar, “Personal Branding for Your Career Goals,” presented by Recruiter.com, Amanda goes into exactly what it means to establish a personal brand and how you can apply it to resume writing, online job applications, elevator pitches, and more.

How does your brand look on paper? Find out with a free resume review.

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