Don't let bad weather jeopardize your chances of nailing the job interview.

Whether it's a blizzard, an unexpected rainstorm, or a whole lot of hail, weather can really mess with our plans — including a scheduled job interview. Rather than worry about this unexpected monkey wrench in your job-search agenda, use it as an opportunity to demonstrate your great communication skills to the employer and take advantage of the additional interview preparation time.

Below are some job interview tips to help you handle weather disruptions without disrupting your job search.

Reach out as soon as possible

Email your primary point of contact at the organization at least one day before your interview to confirm the date and time. If an impending storm is already making headlines, you may want to reach out earlier in the week to find out if the company would prefer to reschedule or hold the interview over the phone or via some other means.

Be prepared to offer new dates and times for your interview. Avoid rescheduling the interview for the very next day, as there may be residual travel delays or cancellations due to the recent storm.

Practice your video interview skills

In some instances, the recruiter may want to move forward with your interview by conducting it over the phone or through web-conferencing software such as Zoom or Skype. Some recruiters may even ask you to FaceTime or use an app like Viber to video conference.

Don't let these suggestions throw you off guard. Be prepared for an online job interview by finding a quiet, clutter-free and well-lit space in your home to stage for the occasion. Download the software and test it out with a friend to ensure there are no hiccups during the real interview. Also, make sure you figure out the best angle to set up the camera; your interviewer doesn't want to stare up your nostrils throughout the session.

Make a conscious effort to connect with the person on the other end of the camera, even if they're not sitting in the room with you. Be aware of your tone, make eye contact, and do your best to curb any nervous ticks.

It goes without saying that you should treat this meeting as you would a face-to-face job interview. That means doing your homework on the company, preparing questions to ask each interviewer, and dressing for the occasion from head to toe. Don't be that candidate who only dresses up from the waist up and then accidentally shows off their pajama bottoms at the end of the interview.

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Make the most of the extra time

If your interview is rescheduled, take advantage of the delay. Practice your responses to the most common interview questions and brainstorm questions you want to ask each interviewer. Do some additional research to help you assess the employer's company culture and make sure the company is a good fit for you.

If you didn't get a chance to speak with someone you know someone who works at the company, now's your chance to see if they're available to chat. There's a good chance they are also housebound and may have time to speak with you.

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Final thoughts

When it comes to dealing with weather disruptions to your job search, be prepared and use your best judgment. Stay safe, everyone!

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